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Ahmad Nabi Zada LTD is a well known company in Afghanistan, with the company slogan’s “Respect Humanity” “promote Human’s Health” and “Improve Qualities” AHMAD NABI ZADA LTD has tried it’s utmost to import best quality medicines, and products for the last 28 years.

In addition, Ahmad Nabi Zada has put forth its strength for the best service to all Afghanistan people. Ahmad Nabi Zada LTD has been advancing into a top-ranking importer of pharmaceutical company, and has outstanding record of the most advanced company in the market of Afghanistan.

AHMAD NABI ZADA LTD having led the development and supply of perfect and excellent medicines which are the highest level of the world, imported from advanced companies of,  Ireland, South Korea and Belgium.  

Ahmad Nabi Zada LTD having promoted diversification of business based on the experiences in the pharmaceutical business.

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Danny Stronghold
Danny Stronghold
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